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Sienna Mark-Brown

Even Capital

Even Capital is the only female-founded, female-funded, and female-focused growth stage venture capital fund in Aotearoa New Zealand backing women in business to lead, succeed and even out the balance. 

Bringing the unexpected into the often static world of venture capital, Even is forward thinking, composed and confident (with a bit of quirk). Our photography is conceptual, emotive and tells a story. A narrative is created through imagery based around the businesses we invest in, and the world around us. Our colours are considered, elegant and vibrant. Our equity lines express a sense of evenness, equity and balance, they have movement, flow and forward momentum — adding personality and joy.

Venture capital for women, by women.

View the website HERE.

Studio: AKIN
Creative Directors: Tana Mitchell, Emma Kaniuk
Designer: Sienna Mark-Brown
Client: Even Capital
Web Development: Established Group
Styling: Kayla Jurlina
Photography: Holly Burgess

Liminal Spaces: an exhibition exploring temporality in design, for one day only. This exhibition was a play on impermanence and tangibility; creating a space and a time for temporality to inhabit. Driven by interaction, Liminal Spaces asked the audience to get involved in crafting and shaping this continuously shifting experience.

The exhibition changed constantly throughout its time, and could never be repeated exactly the same. Ultimately, the audience was encouraged to reconsider their preconceived notions of temporality and permanence, and question how these notions can inform design. 

Best Awards Finalist, Student Graphics

Senza is a cannabis-inspired EthnoBotanical sparkling water, the first of its kind, a genre-defining concept. Infused with organic, adaptogenic, plant-derived terpenes designed to induce a state of wellbeing. 

Our challenge was to make a counter-culture world-view into a brand and product, by taking tired new-age symbols and reimaging them into a contemporary visual language. Its eccentricities are key to its success; its voice is unusual but charming, which we wholeheartedly embraced.

Silver Best Award for Packaging
Bronze Best Award for Small Brand Identity

Studio: AKIN
Creative Directors: Tana Mitchell, Emma Kaniuk
Designers: Sienna Mark-Brown
Client: Senza
Photography: Harry Were, AKIN

Paris Georgia
Studio AKIN, 2019—2022

Started in New Zealand in 2015, Paris Georgia is now cemented as an international fashion house. Cast in a neutral colour palette with structural bodices and simple silhouettes, the label demonstrates a clear appreciation for minimalism. 

The clothes and campaign shots are everything — the branding performs a supportive role to the more evocative and visual language of the photoshoots. A distinctive, hand-crafted, bespoke PG wordmark (based off the designers’ handwriting) underpins all brand touchpoints. The identity is inherently ‘fashion’ — employing a generous use of space, simple layouts and typesetting, and supported by thoughtful details and materiality choices.

Studio: AKIN
Creative Directors: Tana Mitchell, Emma Kaniuk
Designer: Sienna Mark-Brown
Client: Paris Georgia
Web Development: Meide Studios
Photography: Paris Georgia, AKIN

Show Me Shorts, Short Film Festival

Since its inception, Show Me Shorts was known for their “bold, bright, punk aesthetic…a little bit edgy, rough and ready — with a strong independent voice”.  

Built from their root strengths, Studio Akin created a bold, new identity that literally pushes the logo over the edge, disrupting the border and cropping it, with a devil-may-care energy. The campaign (across print, posters, brochure and digital) emphasises the sense of scale, of the uncontainable. It’s a take on the fast-edit, the very vitalness and immediacy of short filmmaking.

There are rules of course. For example, when something is tilted, it is always on a 5 degree angle. It is a chance to reassure through familiarity and continuity, but to also challenge with moments of unexpected difference.  The format affords the festival a degree of storytelling leeway, the opportunity to challenge and push legibility, to be able to catch the eye and demand attention against the endemic cultural preference for simplicity and politeness.

This is the fourth Show Me Shorts campaign since Akin’s rebrand in 2017.

Studio: AKIN
Creative Directors: Tana Mitchell, Emma Kaniuk
Design Lead: Sienna Mark-Brown
Client: Show Me Shorts
Photography: Show Me Shorts

Sienna Mark-Brown