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Present Tense: Wāhine Toi Aotearoa Poster Call

A call for posters by female designers, around any issue social, cultural, or political issue. Using #ff3333 red + white.

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STEM subjects over the arts. It is a commentary on the utopic and hopeful goals of a university, in contrast to the bureaucratic and finance-driven reality, and refers to a well-documented event in Auckland’s recent history for context; the closing of the Creative Arts libraries. This was a wake up call for both students and faculty regarding just how skewed the universities priorities have become — hopefully before it is too late. In a world moving further into technology and away from community, the need for the arts to thrive may be greater than ever.

Ridges, a typeface I created earlier this year, was designed to evoke a sense of freedom, whilst simultaneously having a jarring sense of irregularity and inconsistency — which is further emphasised by its use in this context.