Graphic Designer



Sienna Mark-Brown

Paris Georgia
Studio AKIN, 2019—2022

Started in New Zealand in 2015, Paris Georgia is now cemented as an international fashion house. Cast in a neutral colour palette with structural bodices and simple silhouettes, the label demonstrates a clear appreciation for minimalism. 

The clothes and campaign shots are everything — the branding performs a supportive role to the more evocative and visual language of the photoshoots. A distinctive, hand-crafted, bespoke PG wordmark (based off the designers’ handwriting) underpins all brand touchpoints. The identity is inherently ‘fashion’ — employing a generous use of space, simple layouts and typesetting, and supported by thoughtful details and materiality choices.

Studio: AKIN
Creative Directors: Tana Mitchell, Emma Kaniuk
Designer: Sienna Mark-Brown
Client: Paris Georgia
Web Development: Meide Studios
Photography: Paris Georgia, AKIN

Sienna Mark-Brown