Graphic Designer



Sienna Mark-Brown

Liminal Spaces: an exhibition exploring temporality in design, for one day only. This exhibition was a play on impermanence and tangibility; creating a space and a time for temporality to inhabit. Driven by interaction, Liminal Spaces asked the audience to get involved in crafting and shaping this continuously shifting experience.

The exhibition changed constantly throughout its time, and could never be repeated exactly the same. Ultimately, the audience was encouraged to reconsider their preconceived notions of temporality and permanence, and question how these notions can inform design. 

Best Awards Finalist, Student Graphics

Ridges Type (Version 01) is an uneven and fluid display typeface. Currently titled ‘Ridges Type’, it has a natural flow and sharp contrasts. 

A work in progress.

Studies in Texture

An exploration of texture for New Territory’s charity Zine ‘Cause for Effect’, a charity zine to raise money for the SPCA (The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

An open call for atwork for this Zine led me to play with the various graphic and tangible interfaces that we look at every day. Can the dots, pixels, lines, grids and shapes of our screens, combined with scraps of paper, tickets, receipts and various ephemera of daily life become something more abstract, organic, and even beautiful?

E.F. display is a typeface designed as a response to the fast fashion industry; informed by principles of ethical fashion. Versions include; display, body copy and italics.

E.F. display is a typeface rooted in research surrounding ethical fashion. It goes against complacency, encouraging conversation around the future of fashion, and the upheaval of current practices. Created considering the principles of transparency, sustainability, fairness, minimisation, craftsmanship, equality and locality, E.F. display is a legible embodiment of the ethical fashion movement. This typeface is a practical response to a more philosophical problem; how to get consumers to prioritise their values over consumerism and convenience? E.F. display is contributing to the current conversation in society, regarding how we can disrupt one of the largest industries in the world, before the damage is irreparable

E.F display is presented through a specimen publication, created through the culimantion of several mini books.

Rooftops is a simplistic photobook designed to document 4 months of travel, across 12 countries, through only images of rooftops. Intended as a keepsake, a succinctly summarised experience, and a commentary on how quickly memories of travel fade and combine together. In the making, I struggled to recall where some of these images where taken, even if only a couple months before. Cataloguing them in this intentionally simple way, in black and white, serves as an index of moments — each image intended to provoke further memories.

Sienna Mark-Brown