Graphic Designer



Sienna Mark-Brown

Senza is a cannabis-inspired EthnoBotanical sparkling water, the first of its kind, a genre-defining concept. Infused with organic, adaptogenic, plant-derived terpenes designed to induce a state of wellbeing. 

Our challenge was to make a counter-culture world-view into a brand and product, by taking tired new-age symbols and reimaging them into a contemporary visual language. Its eccentricities are key to its success; its voice is unusual but charming, which we wholeheartedly embraced.

Silver Best Award for Packaging
Bronze Best Award for Small Brand Identity

Studio: AKIN
Creative Directors: Tana Mitchell, Emma Kaniuk
Designers: Sienna Mark-Brown
Client: Senza
Photography: Harry Were, AKIN

Sienna Mark-Brown