Graphic Designer



Sienna Mark-Brown

Show Me Shorts, Short Film Festival

Since its inception, Show Me Shorts was known for their “bold, bright, punk aesthetic…a little bit edgy, rough and ready — with a strong independent voice”.  

Built from their root strengths, Studio Akin created a bold, new identity that literally pushes the logo over the edge, disrupting the border and cropping it, with a devil-may-care energy. The campaign (across print, posters, brochure and digital) emphasises the sense of scale, of the uncontainable. It’s a take on the fast-edit, the very vitalness and immediacy of short filmmaking.

There are rules of course. For example, when something is tilted, it is always on a 5 degree angle. It is a chance to reassure through familiarity and continuity, but to also challenge with moments of unexpected difference.  The format affords the festival a degree of storytelling leeway, the opportunity to challenge and push legibility, to be able to catch the eye and demand attention against the endemic cultural preference for simplicity and politeness.

This is the fourth Show Me Shorts campaign since Akin’s rebrand in 2017.

Studio: AKIN
Creative Directors: Tana Mitchell, Emma Kaniuk
Design Lead: Sienna Mark-Brown
Client: Show Me Shorts
Photography: Show Me Shorts

Sienna Mark-Brown