Graphic Designer



Sienna Mark-Brown

Urban Walking Festival
Studio AKIN, 2020 & 2021

The Urban Walking Festival is an Auckland-wide festival of urban walking that revolves around local people celebrating their place, sharing what makes it special and advocating for what they love about it through walking and conversation.

‘Framing the urban environment’ became the starting point for this campaign. Using framing and cutouts to create snapshots into the community, creating smaller moments, that come together to tell a greater story.

Frames are taken from the urban environment; drawn from buildings, roads, windows; and can house images of people and community. There is a handmade, community feel to this campaign — we want people to physically get out there, we want them to feel like there is a community of people waiting for them to join. It’s approachable and lighthearted, to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Studio: AKIN
Creative Directors: Tana Mitchell, Emma Kaniuk
Design Lead: Sienna Mark-Brown
Client: Melissa Laing, Urban Walking Festival
Photography: Urban Walking Festival

Sienna Mark-Brown